BREXIT: Human Behavior impacts financial markets

Human behavior and actions lead to Extreme events which have ‘Big’ political, economic, social and technological impacts on the global financial markets. Merve Alanyali and Tobias Preis are thought leaders in this domain; they explain the journey from News to protests: how human behaviour around the world impacts financial markets.

Tobias Preis is an Associate professor of Behavioral Science and Finance at the University of Warwick and the owner of Artemis Capital Asset Management.

Merve Alanyali is a PhD candidate at Warwick Business School and her research focuses on using Machine learning to understand and predict human behavior on a global scale.

Cognovi Labs successfully and correctly predicted the results of the EU referendum with the help of Sentiment Analysis. The tool predicted the Brexit nearly six hours prior to the results were annouced by analysing Tweets thorugh Twitris Tool. Today, Twitris uses only Twitter as a data source but Cognovi labs intends to include other social media and network sources to analyse sentiment and determine future outcomes and patterns. Click here to know more.

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