Bringing Financial applications of Sentiment Analysis to India and Hong Kong

In March 2017, OptiRisk were proud to have partnered with Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and UNICOM seminars to present at two conferences in Asia:

AI, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Applied to • Financial Markets • Consumer Markets
8-9 March 2017, Bangalore, India

In India, we were hosted by Indian Institute of Management Bangalore where OptiRisk kicked off the two day conference with a presentation on uses of sentiment analysis in Finance. Sat in the audience were curious minds from academia, industry and fintech start-ups all keen to understand the power of machines and algorithms. Indeed they were not disappointed with the content delivered at this event.

This conference explored the uses of AI in both the financial markets and consumer/retail markets by addressing these industries in different streams. Highlights of talks in the consumer/retail stream include speakers from IBM, AIG and MakeMyTrip. All these speakers seamlessly joined together the significance of text analytics, natural language processing and machine learning to their respective business objectives, i.e. gauging consumer sentiment, constructing cutting edge business management directives and breaking down barriers with open source technologies.

On the financial application side of things, sentiment analysis was more of a hot topic with Prof Ashok Banerjee presenting on the prediction of defaults in Indian banks using sentiment extracted from annual reports. Nitish Sinha (Federal Reserve Board USA) presented his work on prediction of stock price returns using news stories and studied the effect at different frequencies. The panel session on day 2 invigorated conversations even more due to the divided opinions expressed by panellists. After all, this is the desired effect of a panel discussion!

(Vivek Bajaj, Founder of StockEdge, presenting in Bangalore, India)

AI, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance
14-15 March 2017, Hong Kong

The conference in Hong Kong was a congregation of researchers and practitioners from local institutions as well as foreign countries. The event kicked off with a brilliant overview presentation by Prof Pascale Fung from HKUST, which led the way for the following presentations on these topics. Risk management and stock price prediction were all covered as well as sentiment analysis using unofficial news sources such as microblogs and social media feeds – in Chinese and in English.

(Panel discussion with Prof Gautam Mitra (Moderator-right), Prof Asher Curtis, Prof Svetlana Borovkova, Prof Enza Messina and Prof Pascale Fung.)

Overall, these two conferences were a resounding success, where many ideas were exchanged and connections were made. So much so that OptiRisk are committed to taking part again next year – watch this space!

Presentation slides are available upon request. Please contact

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