Launch of the “Handbook of Sentiment Analysis in Finance”

Building on the success of The Handbook of News Analytics in Finance, the editors (Prof.Gautam Mitra and Dr. Xiang Yu) have researched and compiled this new volume: “Handbook of Sentiment Analysis in Finance”. The Handbook was launched on 10 March 2016 in Singapore, with many of the contributors being present at the event.

In the last four years there has been explosive developments in the domain of sentiment analysis in general and sentiment classification in particular. There has been a growing consumer interest in social media and these new media sources have become the leading ‘influencers’ of market sentiment.

The latest version of the Handbook provides the current developments in Sentiment Analysis in Finance. The topics covered include:
1.Text analytics and Sentiment Classification
2.Online Search and Social Media sources
3.Sentiment Analysis applied to Equity
4.Sentiment Analysis for other Asset Classes: Energy, Commodities, Green Commodities, Bonds and FX
5.Use of Sentiment Analysis in Daily and High Frequency Trading
6.Applications of Sentiment Analysis: Case studies

To order your copy, mail today.

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