New Developments in IT and Finance Innovation

Last week OptiRisk Systems took part in exclusive conferences held on 14th and 15th July on the topics of:

1. AI, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance
2. Blockchain: Distributed Ledger and Financial Services

OptiRisk Systems exhibited at the conferences organized by UNICOM Seminars. Prof Gautam Mitra, CEO of OptiRisk Systems, was the Chairperson for the event as well as the extensive panel discussion based on the topic of Adoption of Sentiment Analysis, AI & Machine Learning in trading strategies and risk control. Among the panelists were Elijah DePalma and James Cantarella, Thomson Reuters; Pierce Crosby, StockTwits; Anders Bally, Sentifi; Peter Hafez, RavenPack; Stephen Morse, Twitter.

Xiang Yu and Tilman Sayer from OptiRisk Systems talked about how to Beat Markowitz with Sentiment and the Downside Risk Control. The talk described an innovative and dynamic trading strategy for equities, with a particular focus on controlling downside risk. They explained the mathematical concept behind the approach – stochastic dominance, and depicted the advantages of making investment decisions are based on distributions rather than moments. A major contribution of news sentiment, in their research, is in the prediction of future volatility. Regression analysis on news sentiment and regime switching models are employed to digest market moods and account for changing market situations.

OptiRisk Systems is continuously researching in the field of Sentiment Analysis and finance. For continuous updates on our research and developments, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

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