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DSOR: CARISMA Workshop Series

Optimisation Methods and Business Application


30 - 31 March 2009, Introduction to Optimisation and its Applications: Linear & Integer Programming: Embedded DSS

1 - 2 April 2009, Decision Making under Uncertainty: Stochastic Programming

Venue: University of Paderborn, Decision Support and Operations Reserach

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If you are interested in attending, please email us or call + 49 (0) 5251 605245


This workshop series is specially designed to provide insight into the discipline of optimisation for a wide range of individuals such as OR professionals & financial quantitative analysts, risk analysts, consultants, DSS application developers, and academics. Everyone can benefit from a clear presentation of optimisation and how it is applied to solve business problems.

Who should Attend:

  • OR Professionals
    This workshop series will help you to get up-to-date on the latest methodologies and receive exposure to the wide range of technologies and software now available in the field of

  • Quantitative Analysts / Risk Analysts
    This workshop series gives you an overview of the wide range of the technologies available allowing you to define and conceptualise your business problem in terms of an optimisation problem.

  • Software Developers/IT
    This workshop series provides instruction on how to embed optimisation models intosoftware applications. It will also give you all the necessary information and techniques in order to understand optimisation modelling and data modelling integration.

  • Academics and Students
    Take advantage of our special academic prices to view optimisation from a business perspective, as well as receive hands-on experience with leading optimisation software.


CARISMA Speakers Invited Speakers
Leena Suhl
Uwe Suhl
Achim Koberstein
Peter Ingerfeld
Veronika Waue
Natalia Kliewer
Gautam Mitra
Cormac Lucas
Christian Valente
Viktor Zerovich
Guest Speaker
Csaba Fabian


Registration Fee

No of Days
PhD Student €75 €150 €210 €280
Academic &
€105 €200 €295 €390
Industry €305 €650 €900 €1100

All fees + VAT @ 19%